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For planned features, see below.

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Planned Features

Most or even all of the features below are going to be implemented at some point in some way. Please note that this list is ordered by priority, not by implementation date.

  • Auction

    If a Weapon is new or you don't want to set a strict price, but still want to get the most out of your riven, auctioning it will let you fetch the best price.
    Priority: High
  • Price History

    Setting a price is difficult with how Rivens work, but a quick compare and recent overall popularity and price history for that weapon and possibly stat combinations will help to decide on a fair price much more quickly.
    Priority: High

  • Search

    Finding THE Riven you really want, by querying for every aspect of a riven.
    Priority: Medium
  • Calculator

    Ever wanted to see how a Riven looks when ranked up, without spending the Endo or Credits? This feature will let you experiment with that.
    Priority: Medium
  • Riven Details

    Endo value, spent Kuva, DPS increase and more will be added to every Riven and can be used to quickly gauge a Rivens base value.
    Priority: Medium
  • Advanced Filter

    Filtering rivens is nice, but we want to implement features that will help you compare rivens right in the list like "see all stats maxed" and more.
    Priority: Medium

  • Languages

    Currently you can only view the website in English, but you will be able to change that in the future.
    Priority: Low
  • Statistics

    Do you want to get in-depth with Riven selling, buying or reselling? Look no further as this feature will give you a lot of information about market trends, popular stats and overviews about the current state of riven trading.
    Priority: Low
  • Linking

    Link your Steam and/or Warframe accounts to enable even more features!
    Priority: Low
  • Deal Alerts!

    Get alerted as soon as someone puts up Rivens that you are interested in.
    Priority: Low
  • QoL Improvements

    Everyone loves QoL (as that is kind of the point), so expect tons of Quality of Life changes towards all aspects of the site.
    Priority: Low

  • So Much More!

    Just as the title suggests, this is really just the tip of the Iceberg and this list will continue to grow, if you have any idea and/or suggestion, make sure to let us know!

  • (Mostly) Finished:

  • doneResponsive Design

  • doneActivity

  • doneA Dark Theme / Theme Switcher

  • doneLogin Methods

  • doneNews

  • donePlatform

  • doneNO F* ADS

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Since we now exlusively display rivens of verified users, the list and profiles might look a bit empty until everyone has passed the verification process.

Users who already owned rivens can calm down: Nothing is gone. The mods are just invisible. To transfer your existing mods to your verified account you have to go to your profile and migrate your other logins (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github) to your account.

After migration all your mods will be transfered to your verified account and shown in the list like nothing has happened.

We want to apologize for this inconvenience, but it's sadly a needed measure to counter abusive behavior/trolls. Thank you for your patience!

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